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AKMAR TRANSPORT LTD — is an international Crew Management / Crew Manning agency was originally established in 1996 to offer Seafarers to the international merchant shipping industry.

Headquartered in Piraeus, Greece and Odessa, Ukraine we are the leading provider of high-quality crewing solutions to the International / World recognized Ship Management Companies.

Today, we have our own manning offices in Odessa (Ukraine), Piraeus (Greece), Klaipeda (Lithuania), Batumi (Georgia) and an associated-offices in India, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Egypt, Vietnam.

With over than 25 years of experience, professional staff and a large pool of seafarers, we are able to provide our partners with highly competent, experienced officers and crew working for foreign shipowners and managers.

Our comparative advantage is that we offer to our clients continuous support in all operational matters of the ship, always being by their side 24 / 7.

The quality of our service has been confirmed by ISO 9001:2015 and MLC 2006 certificates, Bureau Veritas.


We provide a wide range of services, including:

Searching and selection of specialists to be employed on board the Client’s vessels
Searching and selection of well-trained and certified Seafarers for all types of vessels by testing the professional skills, English language skills, previous work experience, reviewing references from the previous employers, personal appraisals.
Compiling and controlling the schedule of crew shifts.
Taking into consideration the specific requirements of the individual Client, we plan and perform the crew changes on time and within budget.
Additional training and refreshing courses as well as in-office training for Crew.
Crewmembers qualified to perform vessel’s repair while at sea.
Flag State Certificates and Endorsements processing for Crew.
Trade Union CBA / Ship’s Blue Certificate arrangements.
Visas and Flag documents support for Crew.
Medical fitness testing (P&I club), and drug and alcohol policy implementation and monitoring.
Booking tickets for Crew.
Working clothes supply upon Crew departure.
Payroll arrangements by one SWIFT


Our Full Technical Management Services include detailed operations and management of all vessel’s safety, efficiency, and compliance all of which meets the owner’s expectations and needs. We work in line with the vessel’s design and the requirements of the insurers, flag states, classes, charterer’s, ISM Code all in accordance with the highest industry standards and services.

Our Technical Management includes all details of monitoring the vessel’s conditions, all its performance and operations that enable it to operate a safe and efficient cargo handling along with cargo conditioning. Our planned and project maintenance revolves around the regular condition assessment, the dry docking, deck/engine maintenance, and the repair planning and supervision, budget control, certification, and vetting and others. This is so we can overlook and maintain the vessels throughout the years of operation.

Ship Owners will have access to reports and data on how we have managed their vessels, all of which meet their needs and expectations at any time, all with high quality and transparency.


Akmar Transport Ltd develops, implements and maintains a safety-management system (SMS) according to the ISM Code including:

• A safety and environmental-protection policy;
• Instructions and procedures to ensure safe operation of ships and protection of the environment in compliance with relevant international and Flag State legislation;
• Defined levels of authority and lines of communication between, and among shore and shipboard personnel;
• Procedures for reporting accidents and non-conformities with the provisions of the ISM Code;
• Procedures to prepare for and respond to emergency situations;
• SOPEP/Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plans;


We have acted as operation managers ourselves in various shipping companies, thus we deeply understand that providing a wide range of top quality port agency services is of fundamental importance to any shipping company.

We are geared to handle the following services 24/7, throughout the year in all over the world:

• Crew changes
• Ship provisions & supplies
• Cargo handling
• Ship repair services
• Dry docking services
• Cash-To-Master deliveries
• Clearing & forwarding of spares

We specialize in providing port agency services in all Sri Lankan ports (Colombo, Galle, Trincomalee, Hambadotta) via our strategic partner Ceyline maritime services, where we also provide launch services from Galle accessing vessels at OPL via our owned crew boat CML SANSUKA with the following specifications:

• L.O.A. (length overall): 17.90 m
• GRT: 23 tons
• Seating capacity: 15 pax
• Cargo capacity: 1 metric ton
• Speed: 15 knots

The boat is operating 24/7, is air conditioned and equipped with wash room facilities.

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