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21 февраля 2017 г.


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21 февраля 2017 г.


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Все новости

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Panamax, Capesize

PLS feel free to contact us and send your CV on crew@akmartransport.com  

Rank:    Chief Officer

Experience:       Minimum 2 years sea going experience in rank , West African trade knowledge

Requirements: visa C1/D needed , good command of English language

Ship's particulars:            11681 GT,  YOB 2007, ME: MAN B&W 7S35MC, Flaga: Liberia

Duration of Contract:    5 +1 months

Wage:   USA 6000 per month

Joining date:      beg Dec 2018/ port to be nominated

CHIEF ENGINEER candidate with joining date on about December - January 2019.

Please note that it is very important candidate C/E to have experience in same Type of M/E, which is ELECTRONIC ENGINE TYPE: MAN B&W 6S60 ME-CBHP: 9930 KW (even without certificate). Also please note that it is necessary to be holder of Biometric Passport. (Salary USD 8800)

Only candidates with previous experience as Chief Housekeeper on cruise ships will be considered, as the vessel undergoes various routine health inspections and the Chief Housekeeper must be familiar with the Hygiene standards and sanitation procedures on board cruise vessels.

Requierements: fluent  in English, have at least 3 years of experience on cruise ships as Chief Housekeeper, and not have any visible tattoos.

Candidates need to be fluent in English, not have any visible tattoos and have at least 3 years of relevant sea experience. 

Joining date: by 09/12/2018 at Piraeus

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